Benefits of Whole House Water Filtration

file3431246447026Filtered water is a popular topic as more and more information comes out regarding the importance of drinking clean water. It also provides benefits for laundry and even dishwashing. It’s always possible to buy filtered water in bottles, or to install filtration systems that attach to one faucet in your home, but for a complete effect, whole house filtration is the key. These systems are designed, so that clean and filtered water come out of every source in the house. This includes the kitchen and bathroom faucets, shower, even your garden hose, which means you can use filtered water for every household application, and realize the benefits it provides.

Most municipal water supplies add chlorine as a cleansing agent, but whole house systems will remove it before it flows through the faucets in your house. This prevents chlorine or any other chemicals from entering the air inside your house, or from becoming embedded in the fabric of your clothing, sheets, pillowcases and other laundry items. When chlorine-free water is used in your dishwasher, any heated chlorine vapors are eliminated and it tends to reduce the amount of soap scum left on your dishes. Less soap scum will help you save over the long run, because dishes won’t have to be re-washed.

Aside from chlorine, all other contaminants are also removed and won’t be a part of your household water when whole house systems are in place. It’s very convenient to be able to just turn on a tap anywhere in your house and know that the water coming out is suitable to drink. Any bacteria, chemicals or other harmful agents are removed so every drop that enters the house is clean. Cost is another benefit of whole house water systems that a lot of people don’t realize. Obviously, the cost of having these filtration systems installed when compared to buying filtered bottled water or using a single faucet filter is great. However, over time a whole house unit more than pays for itself because it filters every single source and it isn’t an expense you have to keep repeating over and over again.

In a way, whole house systems are like the last line of defense between a municipal problem and your family. If there is a breakdown in the treatment or sanitation of the municipal water supply, effective filtration systems will still provide you with clean water. Widespread issues are rare, but if one does come about and it isn’t detected right away, it could mean the difference between life and death, depending on the severity of the issue.

If dangerous pathogens or microorganisms have found their way into the municipal supply, many people could get sick. Whole house filtration systems offer peace of mind to homeowners so they can just forget about water quality and carry on with life as usual. Whole house water filters are the ideal option for people which are interested in having a home which provides clean, drinkable water. Together with supplying quality drinking water throughout the house, a whole house water filter also offers benefits like getting rid of impurities that cause spotting in water that is used to wash dishes. Unfiltered water can also bring about problems such as corroding plumbing and appliances, damaging clothing that is washed and stain sinks or showers. Although whole house water filters are usually used in residential homes, they can also be an effective option for apartments or offices

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