A Review Of APEC Water Systems – Efficient and Economical

file0002019685404APEC Water Systems are manufactured in the USA and remove as much as 99% of all impurities in the water. What you are left with is 100% pure, uncontaminated drinking water.

APEC also features a lead-free chrome tap totally free as well as food grade tubing to guarantee water purity.

Durable as well as WQA accredited, this particular APEC Water Systems review is going to glance at the finer details behind this water system to figure out whether it is a smart choice for your residence.

APEC Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System Features

1. Gets rid of as much as 99% of impurities.

2. Comes with a lead-free faucet.

3. Comes with food grade tubing.

4. WQA accredited.

5. 5-stage osmosis filtration cycle.

6. 1-year warranty.

7. Eliminates arsenic, lead, fluoride, radium, and some other dangerous pollutants.

8. Simple to install.

Reverse osmosis happens to be the most sophisticated kind of water filtration and is today an affordable option for your house. APEC begins by providing a fairly easy setup process which is hassle-free and includes crystal clear guidelines.

Plumbing experts can easily install the device within less than one hour; however, in case you are a DIYer, you will probably spend 2 to 3 hours installing the system provided you have all the tools present. It is not a tough installation; however, it will take a while to finish.

Once installed, you will have refreshing, tasty drinking water.

Filtration with this particular model is just awesome. Before we talk about the entire 5-stage water filtering method, it is important that you comprehend the standard of the filtration provided. According to the EPA, the risk-free level of drinking water pollution is 500+ ppm.

Consumers have gone from almost undrinkable water to just 30 ppm after setting up this particular unit. That is a substantial difference in the contamination level in the water.

Filtration is performed by means of a 5-stage system which has been proven to get rid of 1000+ pollutants with 99% accuracy. APEC has integrated a lead-free faucet as well as tubing to make sure that your present components do not impact the contamination level in the water.

Filtration handles the rest in the subsequent method:

Stage 1: A Sediment filter gets rid of the heavier objects from the water, like rust and dirt.

Stage 2 and 3: Each of these stages uses a carbon block micron filter to eliminate annoying tastes, smells, and chemical substances from the water. Chlorine is likewise eliminated during this particular double-stage procedure.

Stage 4: It is probably the most effective stage. This is when the osmosis membrane gets rid of the damaging contaminants, such as bacteria, arsenic, as well as lead from the water.

Stage 5: The last stage utilizes a coconut shell refining filter to eliminate any kind of residual taste which is still left in the tank.

These are the five phases of filtration which let you drink genuinely pure water from the faucet. Moreover, there are very little servicing and extra costs needed apart from replacing the pre-filters every six to twelve months.


1. Easy to install; takes 2 – 3 hours normally.

2. Comes with a top quality, lead-free faucet.

3. 5-stage filtration eliminates 99% of the impurities.


1. The adapter is usually missing from the package.

One particular complaint which others have experienced is that the package does not always include the adapter. It is an issue which can be easily fixed with just one phone call to the company who will quickly send you the adapter.

Besides this, the APEC Water Systems do precisely what you desire: get rid of impurities from the water with the maximum precision. With a quick installation, a low price and almost no maintenance, it is probably the most effective drinking water system you will find for your residence.

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